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Rentals & Property Management


We are passionate about all things property – especially when it comes to property management. We treat each investment property as if it was our own, as our team is very conscious that a property under our management is both an asset to our landlords, and a home to our tenants.


Our experienced Property Management division has the market insight and expertise to best manage your investment property by delivering quality tenants and taking care of your property’s maintenance needs


Our property managers will ensure that the fundamentals of good property management are adhered to by:


  • We will discuss your property and desired outcomes. We will take you through the current rental conditions and will work with you to establish a rental price aligned with the property’s location and current level of demand.


  • We will also make recommendations regarding how best to present the property’s market appeal and will arrange to have professional photography for marketing.


  • Your property manager will arrange and oversee all inspections, thoroughly review applications and check all references before providing a recommendation to you, the landlord for approval. We are very conscious of the importance of selecting the right tenant for your property and we also understand the importance of finding a tenant in the quickest possible time.


  • Having strict processes and procedures allow us to ensure that rent is paid on time, manage tenant’s maintenance requests efficiently and conduct property inspections every quarter providing a thorough report with photos which will be emailed in pdf format to each property owner.


  • A highly detailed and extensive condition report and photographs are taken of the property at the beginning and conclusion of all tenancies ensuring that the property is maintained and left in good condition.


  • Once a tenant has been selected, our energy and expertise are directed at ensuring all aspects of the tenancy are handled smoothly and professionally. If a maintenance issue was to arise, we would contact you for authorisation to organise any works needed to be carried out by our trusted and qualified tradesmen who look after all maintenance for our property management division.


We pride ourselves in having consistently low vacancy rates providing peace of mind investment security for our landlords.


So why choose Property Services to manage your investment property? Because you want a Property Manager who will maximise your investment value and minimise the day to day management hassles, right? That’s exactly what we’re here to do!

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